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We create rich, human experiences in the digital world by combining innovative Consulting, Design, Development, DevOps, and Communications services to give you a clear competitive advantage.

Konstant Variable Digital Solutions (KVDS) is a full service digital solutions agency based in Pune and Mumbai. We specialize in Design and Development, with additional capabilities in Content, Social, Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.

Our services help enterprises in their digital transformation goals by helping them conceptualize, build, enhance and maintain web and mobile applications and services. Our highly experienced team of designers, developers & digital experts are dedicated to building innovative, compelling, engaging products of the highest quality, powered by our Designing in Design Thinking methodology.

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”

David Ogilvy


It all began – literally – over a cup of coffee.

With two creative technologists talking about how they could do such amazing work if only they ran the show themselves. Then the idea struck them, they absolutely could. In fact, they should!

KVDS was born.

Since then, we’ve added some cookies, and some cream to the repertoire. Have to keep it fresh and creative, right?

KVDS is fuelled by a community of passionate designers and developers, who have always cared a little too much about producing the best possible outcome for you.

Apathy and the status quo is not for us. We want to break new digital ground with you. We are entrepreneurs at heart and passionate about working on exciting projects from all around the world. We have so far helped companies in India, the Middle East and the UK and we’re excited to connect with like-minded clients from all the world.


We offer you personalized service and customizable offerings for all your digital needs.  When we have your app or website or branding to create, we give it our all and probably worry about the quality of the output even more than you do.

Just tell us where you see yourself and we’ll chart a course for you. We’ll be there for you from setting up that first showcase website, transition smoothly to the e-commerce site and scale you up to your amazing new intuitive mobile app. Want a bot to go with that? A little AI-Machine Learning? Oh, even a little blockchain action, you say? Also, can we take care of all those servers — AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode, et al? 

Of course!

We’ve got you covered.

All with a smile, all with our trademark warmth and that little spark — of defiance, of a striving for perfection — that sets us apart.

There’ll definitely be lots of coffee involved — single-origin, slow-roasted, please! Maybe there will be a few cookies too! (We’re also leaning towards macaroons…)


We recently revamped our website and we couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out. Konstant Variable worked on our old website with outdated design and functionality and transformed it into a better equipped and incredibly attractive website. 

Shishir Nikam


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